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By Joe Russo

AR Design rocks the Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire

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Last week Palm Beach Tech and the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium hosted the 2017 Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire, a hands-on workshop event where makers, creators, and  innovators gathered for a day full of creative fun.

AR Design, a Palm Beach Tech member and local creative design company produced a rock shop. Adam Ross, said “the idea was to have an interactive and artistic workshop where kids could draw and design their own record album”, the AR Design band would then add a touch of technology by actualizing it digitally.


When Vinyls and Tech Collide

The team used actual record covers as visual inspiration for the young attendees to have a starting point for their own albums. Some examples included the iconic Velvet Underground’s art of Andy Warhol and the famed Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

The rock shop began with decorating a piece of paper, the kids then sat with a member of the AR Design band and turned their creative ideas into digital concepts on the computer. As curious eyes gathered, the participants could view the process on a big television screen and see their designs come to life. Each finished design was printed and adhered to a faux record sleeve for the kids to take home.

Most of the kids participating in the workshop had a clear idea of what they wanted to design, it was interesting to see that it was the adults who were indecisive and kept going back and forth with their ideas. On the other hand, it was funny to see children curious and unaware of what vinyl albums were, while the adult parents filled with nostalgia explained to them that music wasn’t always digitally dowloaded.

About Maker Faire

Maker Faire originated in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project of the editors of Make: magazine.  It has since grown into a significant worldwide network of both flagship and independently-produced events.

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium has been Palm Beach’s leading informal education facility since 1961. With over 50 hands-on exhibits, Palm Beach’s only public planetarium and observatory, a 10,000 gallon aquarium, Florida conservation miniature golf course and so much more, we exist to open every mind to science. They introduced Maker Faire to the county for the first time ever in May 2016. The event was such a success that they decided to host it again in 2017!


By Joe Russo

Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!

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Our awesome friends at AR Design recently stopped by bearing gifts!

They refurbished a Keggerator to get the creative juices at Palm Beach Tech Space flowing. 





AR Design is a full service creative agency specializing in delivering top notch results and customer service that is exceptional. Their designers love what they do and their programmers love making their designers happy. It is a match made in heaven.

Adam Ross, Ryan Buynak, and Ran Kassovitz make up this electric creativity clan.



They’re Community 1st! Adam and his team spend countless hours bringing people together and building our community.

Collectively, they help organize the creative community through the new CreativeMornings Palm Beach chapter and the monthly Blood, Sweat, & Beers. They’re also the force behind “Create Day,” the annual free workshop for designers to reconnect with your creative side and make things with your hands.

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By Adam Ross

Looking Past Stereotypes: The real story of doing business in Palm Beach County.

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Looking Past Stereotypes: The real story of doing business in Palm Beach County

Forget The Stereotype

The Palm Beaches have been undergoing a massive rebirth in recent years, ditching it’s retiree saturated stereotype for that of a tech and cultural center in South Florida. As a business owner who moved his business here 5 years ago, I am happy to report that this is not the Palm Beach that you (or I) thought it was.

I am always hosting out of town clients to see it for themselves and it takes as little as one day to turn impressions around.

Resources, Connections and Support

Something I find most unique about this area is that for a small city, the sense of community is big. Having lived in cities like San Francisco and New York, there is less organization within the business community because, frankly, they don’t require it, it’s everywhere. Palm Beach businesses have a desire to get involved, and in turn, build a stronger sense of community. Since moving to West Palm Beach, I have attended more conferences, Meet-Ups and events in than I did in NYC and my network of business associates is stronger for it.

Come for the Weather, Stay for The Lifestyle

It’s a common misconception that Florida’s only draw is it’s sunny skies, and while Palm Beach county certainly has it in spades, there is so much more:

  • Free Money – Did you know that Florida residents pay no state income tax? How about that for a sales pitch? Move to Florida, enjoy beautiful weather, and save thousands of dollars on your personal taxes.
  • Live Music – West Palm Beach has an annual 5 day music festival called SunFest that draws massive crowds from all over the world. Add in the new Okeechobee Festival and Tortuga down the road and you have a vibrant selection of music to see.
  • Baseball, Art and Entertainment – We are the East Coast epicenter for baseball Spring training, have 3 fine art museums, host Broadway shows at the Kravis Center, and are the go-to destination for International polo matches.
  • Beaches – South Florida beaches are some of the nicest in the country and have year round water temperatures that make swimming in December delightful. They are all public (unlike the private beaches of California) and a perfect escape from your busy business schedule.
  • Easy Lifestyle – Ditch your parka, South Florida rarely sees temperatures drop below 50 degrees making warm jackets, boots, scarves, hats and all your other winter gear a waste of space. Our year round temperatures are by far the nicest you will find.
  • Miami, The Gulf,  Key West and Disney – West Palm Beach is a perfect jumping off point for accessing all that Florida has to offer. Looking for some of the best nightlife in the world, Miami is just a ‘Flo-Rida album’ drive down 95. Feel like giving Mickey Mouse a hug, you can be there before you say Mousekatootle. Or how about dining al fresco while enjoying some fresh gulf seafood, it is less than a gas tank away.

On The Horizon

With opinions changing fast, South Florida is seeing a boom in it’s technology environment and commercial development. Startups are appreciating the sense of community, businesses are moving their headquarters to enjoy the perks of the area and schools are building programs to fulfill the need of tech minded students.

If there ever was a time to get on the bandwagon, this is it. Palm Beach County is in full bloom and only getting better.

AR Design rocks the Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire
Creativity Juice by AR Design, Now at SPACE!
Looking Past Stereotypes: The real story of doing business in Palm Beach County.