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We make our home in beautiful South Florida, where we’re lucky enough to have amazing weather and offices minutes from the ocean. From sightseeing and surfing to culture and cocktails, there’s no shortage of tropical paradise to explore.

45 Miles of Beaches
38 Unique Cities
13 Colleges Campuses

“We’ve hired 10 employees in the past 3 years, and 3 of them have come from Palm Beach Tech”

Paul Vedder, Managing Director @ VXIT

Miron - Palm Beach Tech Association 2019 Board of Directors

“I’m able to rely on the professional guidance and talent sourcing provided Palm Beach Tech”

Cathy Miron, CEO @ eSilo

HotelPlanner Bruce Rosenberg | Palm Beach Tech Careers

“Palm Beach Tech has their pulse on the talent market and is an excellent place to locate quality candidates”

Bruce Rosenberg, COO @